Top working Extratorrent Proxy and Mirror websites 2021

Extratorrent was one of the popular websites for free entertainment content like movies, songs, videos, etc. It was very popular until 2017 when the administration shut down it permanently. ExtraTorrent crossed its limit of selling pirated copies by their users and playing illegal, which forced the administration to shut down this website permanently.

But to replace this website there are many extratorrent proxy and mirror sites that work in their place with the same benefits. 

What are ExtraTorrent Proxy and mirror sites?

ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror sites are nothing but a replica of the original website. They are controlled and operated by ExtraTorrent staff and other attached communities. They support different domains on the same website to give users a platform to access any entertaining content they want.

But finding the best working ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror website is an actual task as many of them are still under the surveillance of the government. Therefore we have listed a few working ExtraTorrent Proxy and Mirror Website in 2021.

List of working ExtraTorrent Proxy and Mirror Website in 2021 edition.

1. ExtraTorrent Proxy 1

2. ExtraTorrent Proxy 2

3. ExtraTorrent Proxy 3

4. ExtraTorrent Proxy 4






10. Xtra.unblocked.

Do VPN is a must to access Extratorrent proxy and mirror.

It is suggested to use VPN while surfing through such pirated websites but you can also run them without a VPN. As you will click on the above-mentioned links you’ll directly be taken to the original site of the Extratorrent website which will later clone itself into chosen website link.

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